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Kingdom started its business from security software development in 1992. As an initiator of China's ……

Kingdom Technology started its business from security software development in 1992. As an initiator of China's paperless trading, in more than twenty years, Kingdom grew alongside with Chinese stock market, participated in technology standardization and innovation.

Kingdom built a national brand with  KCXP and KCBP - A basic technical framework independently researched and developed by Kingdom. 

On this basis, the Kingdom Technology derives various products to cover businesses such as brokerage, credit, derivative, wealth management and overseas investment. 

HKEX(Hongkong exchange and clearing limited) and Kingdom Technology Operating a Joint Venture Company for the stock market globally. 

Kingdom Technology has the standard gateways to integrate with domestic and overseas terminals. Also, we provide a single-entry point -trading service middle office to connect with our systems. Our core systems include security trading and investment trading system. The subsidiary systems include account center, clearing center, and property center. During the whole process, we provide accurate and detailed surveillance and analysis of all transactions, orders, account activity, and holdings.

 Kingdom Technology has integrated with many major overseas terminals, such as trade station, multicarts and interactive brokers. They all adapt to the China market very well. Besides, we can directly access to the overseas market information supplier, such as Bloomberg, Reuters.