YU' E BAO, the Planet's most successful investment solution building on-top of Alibaba Eco-System

the most successful investment or saving product on the planet today and Kingdom Technology build it on top of Alibaba’s Eco-system,

Yuebao(hidden treasures), the most successful investment or saving product  on the planet today, Kingdom Technology build it on top of Alibaba’s Eco-system, to capture those deposits from merchants and consumers working on Alibaba and Taobao, putting that aside giving them some high-yield interest rate,it classify this in the west as money market fund, $180 billion assets under management,no branches , no humans involved in the sale of that product. And yet the most successful deposit product in the world today, it’s completely automated. and its power by Kingdom Technology, since from 2013, it grows from 0 to 900mn Users till now. and Kingdom Technology provides similar solution Tencent WeChat also.





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